Steven Hawking

A Great Mind

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In 1985 Steven Hawking was going to CERN in England but he caught a bad pneumonia and ended up on life support in a hospital where he was diagnosed with ALS. At first he could communicate by writing on a card, but as his ALS worsened, he lost control of his hand.

Steven gets a new voice

His original voice system was run on an Apple 2 with voice software designed by SpeechPlus and MIT Engineer Dennis Klatt. He would click a clicker with his finger to type. But, his ALS worsened so that by 2011 he could only type 1 to 2 words a minute. He then contacted Intel to get an improvement to the recognition software. He has created many papers and books and is a great inspiration and help to science.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stephen Hawking Interview (HBO)

Steven now

He is a highly successful scientist and has changed how we think of the universe.


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