We Can Do Hard Things

even when faced with uncertainty

To the LiLa Community,

I have been putting off writing this email for maybe two weeks now, maybe even longer. The truth is I don't really know what to say, where to begin, or how to start. I often feel it is my job, beyond the mat, to be a voice of reason and hope, especially in the presence of challenging times. Yet the truth is, these challenging times are effecting me as well.

Which brings me back to a mantra that I adapted from the lovely author Glennon Doyle, "We can do hard things". (She speaks of this in her book, "Untamed", and if you have not read it I suggest you do, and if you need to borrow it, just ask I will happily lend it to you).

So here I am doing the hard things, and writing this email.

First I want to take moment to thank everyone for their continued support of the studio, showing up on the mat to practice with us, and adhering to all our protocols, and not letting that deter you. It shows me and all the teachers at LiLa that even in the face of adversity, you can all show up, bend and adapt to be the yogis you are, and embrace the practice.

As we are all aware, things are rapidly changing here in New York, and another shutdown of our business is looming over our heads. This is really hard for me to navigate, as I have been saying since September, I do not want to go back. Perhaps, it's not going back per say, but reevaluating the lessons we may have forgotten, as we returned to a semi normalcy, perhaps it is a time to reacquaint ourselves with our true desires. Maybe, just maybe, the uncertainty is showing up here again for me, and possibly you, to show us what we truly want and desire from this journey in life.

I feel stuck, and I now realize that many of you probably feel the same way, hence why I bring this email to you with my raw truths and authenticity, instead of pure positivity (which usually, and still is my way).

I talk a lot in my classes, teachings and trainings, about being stuck in it, and allowing yourself to be there, and I am giving myself that gentle reminder today. I originally wanted this email to be filled, with future offerings, a return of mystical tribe, all the details of our 300hr trainings, more classes, the growth of our boutique, holiday business and so much more. Yet I can feel that those things may be interrupted by life, or perhaps I am just not 100% there yet, because I am in it, as I say. Stuck in the rubble, caked under mud, piled under rocks, whatever metaphor you understand, I think we all feel that way on some level.

However, maybe that is where I am suppose to be, and possibly you too. So if I can't plan for the future, because of the uncertainty that looms over our head, what can I do? That is my daily question as of late, as I try to push myself towards the future. The answer came to me today, in a bit of an odd way, but here it is.

We can just be.

Be here now

Be in the moment

Be present

Be grateful

Be everything that exists here in this very moment whole heartedly, not waiting for what the future may bring.

That is what I plan to do from here on out. Each day wake up for another day, each moment we walk through the door of our beloved studio, be grateful we get to connect for those moments, each minute, each hour, of each and every day. I am going to just be. Will you join me?

Love & Light Always,


Current and Future Policies due to the Pandemic

Please take the time to review our policies currently regarding the Pandemic, and our plans if closing of our doors were to be implemented again.

As things change on Long Island, and in New York, please be mindful that although this is not our wish, we may be forced to close if a member or staff were to test positive. We have always had the protocols in place, to close for a thorough deep cleaning, in addition to the cleaning and inspections we undergo each month, and follow the guidelines by the department of health.

Further more, teachers may be forced to quarantine due to exposure, and therefore classes may be cancelled last minute. Of course we will try to ensure that does not happen, but these are uncharted waters we are trying to navigate.

Current Covid-19 Policies

  • ALL CLASSES ARE MANDATORY PRE-REGISTRATION, there is no walk-ins allowed at this time
  • Classes will fill up, and a wait list will be utilized which will notify you within an hour if a spot opens up
  • If you must cancel your reservation for class, it must be done within a 90 minute of class, to allow time for another member to possibly take place, otherwise you will be charged for the class
  • No shows/Late Cancels- will be charged for the class, meaning a class will be taken off the package, OR if you are an unlimited package, you will be charged a class fee of $17, the price of a single class. *THIS WILL BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED*
  • In addition to these policies, If you are forced to quarantine due to Covid-19 or being exposed, please notify the studio, if you have an expiring package. The expiration of the package will be extended for the time you were not permitted in the studio.

Policies and Plans in case of another shutdown

If we are forced to shut our doors again, we will once again go virtual. Since our return to the yoga studio, our virtual classes look different than during the 6 months of our last closure.

We now have a virtual studio on our website with over 60 classes, of different durations, styles, tutorials and meditations available. Each week classes are added to the library, giving students the opportunity to utilize, with what fits with their lifestyle. In the event that we are to re-shut, all ACTIVE MEMBERS and CLIENTS of the studio, will be emailed the password to utilize virtual studio until further notice. This will be done at no additional charge, as well as ALL reoccurring payments will be stopped, and packages extended accordingly.

We want to remind everyone that there is no scientific data to close our doors by our government. They are spreading fear not facts, below is a video with factual evidence of gyms all across the NYS and the amount of people in these facilities, and the ratio of actual Covid-19 positives, with ZERO spreads relating back to these facilities. Please share this message far and wide, we are part of the solution not the problem.

Pray we can stay open to serve you, as much as you serve us!

Facts about Gyms

Holiday Reminders

We are CLOSED the following upcoming Holidays

Thursday, November 26th- Observance of Thanksgiving

Thursday December 24th- Observance of Christmas Eve

Friday December 25th- Observance of Christmas Day

Thursday December 31st- NO PM CLASSES

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