PLE Music News


Sing me another before we depart...

The end of the year is coming soon. I'm always surprised looking at the students of PLE and how much they have grown! When the Kindergarteners and First graders show no fear of singing a solo in front of the class or when the Second and Third graders are able to read and decode difficult rhythm patterns, I am so excited and happy. I'm proud of how far we come and start thinking where this road will take us in the next year. Keep singing and listening to music at home. Give them a soundtrack to pump them up for their next sporting event! Take them to a concert in a park. Keep our students Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful!

-Miss Granzow

Concert News

Kindergarten and Second grade your concert is almost here!

April 15th at PLE Gym

6pm- Finley, McNeill, Lafollette, Knoop, Corman

7:15pm - Mucha, Wauro, Belcher, Heckler, Lopez

Make sure to save the date to show off all of your wonderful music skills!!!

"Who am I being that my childrens' eyes are not shining?"

Ok parents/guardians, this video is for you. I watch this video before my school day starts when I need a little extra motivation and to remind myself that it is my job to engage these students and make their eyes shine. This really explains what being tuneful, beatful, and artful means.

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music