Nord's Newsletter

March 10-13


Last week the students wrote their rough drafts, so now the students will type it. Ideally, Mrs. Froehlich and I would like to share the posters this week before break. It all depends how the typing and editing goes on the computer.


The students took Unit 8 test, which will be sent home this week. So be looking for it in your child's backpack.

Unit 9-the students will continue to build on their multiplication and division.

Below you will see pictures from the students on Friday. We had a game/review day and took a break from our math routine.

Social Studies

Alma, Jensen's Bosnian translator, came to our classroom last week and together she and Alen shared their culture with the class. They talked about life there, what they eat, how they dress, what people do for a living, the animals found there, climate, schooling and government. The students watched two short video clips on Bosnia and also had a little candy treat from Alma. We are so lucky to have Alma and Alen be part of our district.


Continue to work with plural nouns and their spellings.

Hat Day!!

Olympic Award Winners

Skating Party

The Golden MUST have Item

Just last week, our class pencil sharpener bit the dust. I'm not sure what happened but it quit working. I had told the students they'd need to get some mechanical pencils over spring break because our wall sharpener doesn't work well. Well, I have some pretty awesome parents because 4 of them chipped in and bought a new one for the room. Out of all the things in my classroom, this is the ONE item I can't live without or the kids either. They HAVE to have pencils since they use them daily and if we don't have a working sharpener then there is a problem.

I have in years bought an electric at Target a couple of time, and then I've bought 2 at Staples with my PTO money. But these machines get a LOT of use. They usually don't last the warranty, and I have to mail it in to get a replacement. Well, now our class is set to go for having sharp pencils to start our day.

Thanks again Parents for taking care of me!!

Schedule for the Week

Monday- Art
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday-Late Start
Library and Guidance
Thursday-PE and Music
Friday-SPRING BREAK Begins!!