Phase 2 Community Meeting Update

April 10, 2022

This summary contains several options for residents to learn more about the Phase 2 Long-Range Facilities PlanningCommunity Meetings that have taken place so far. Don't miss the next Phase 2 Community Meeting on Saturday, April 16 from 9 am. - 10 am.

NOTE: Nothing has been decided yet, no actions are approved. The District seeks your input, your opinions, your thoughts, and your feedback.

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What impact has the community had so far:

From the outset of the Phase 2 Long-Range Planning process, the Board of Education has made it abundantly clear that community feedback would not be an afterthought but would instead drive the process. Since last fall the District has put forth many ideas and options, some have been well received and some unpopular. Although this process may seem uncomfortable, this push and pull is precisely what is required to develop a plan that is right for our community at this time.


One of the biggest changes that have taken place since the start of the community meetings has been the question of should the District sell parklands that it owns to offset some of the final cost of a possible referendum. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, the District felt it was necessary to propose every avenue of funding so that the community and Board of Education could consider all of the available funding options. At the Monday, April 4, Phase 2 Community Meeting, Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld announced that the continued exploration of this possibility was completely off the table. Several board members have also expressed that they do not support the sale of District 112 owned parklands for funding of the Phase 2 Long-Range Plan. Although these issues can be filled with emotion and frustration, how the outcome of this proposal unfolded was a healthy sign that Phase 2 planning is an open and transparent process. Community voices matter and are welcomed by the Board and administration.

Each community information meeting has been live broadcast with the video posted for viewing and reference. Below you can view the entire meeting videos from April 2 and April 4including the slide presentation and the question/answer portion (Q&A) or you can jump directly to the Q&A portion of the event. You can also access the presentation slide deck.

Don't miss the next Community Meeting on Saturday, April 16, at 9:00 am. You can find all meeting videos and much more information at

April 2 Community Meeting Videos

April 4 Community Meeting Videos

NEW: "Our Why" Phase 2 Long-Range Plan

At NSSD112 we strive to always keep our WHY in mind. This video is meant to be the why behind Phase 2 of the Long-Range Facility Plan. While the video doesn't cover every detail of the plan, we hope you can stay until the end (2 minutes 30 seconds) and then have a better idea of the plan's intent.

Our Why - Phase 2 Long-Range Plan


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All residents should have already received or soon will receive a Phase 2 mail survey, which we encourage you to complete and send it back in the self-addressed, stamped envelope. We are also seeking your feedback and your questions as part of the four community engagement meetings. Please use the link or the QR code below to ask questions or share feedback:
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