Black bears (ursu americanus)

By: Madeline Phillips


Black bears are omnivores. They hunt in rivers, forest, and campsites for their prey. They eat roots, berries, insects, fish, trash, squirrels, honey, and other sweet foods.


Black bears have strong legs. They use their strong legs in the water and on tree branches which makes them excellent swimmers and tree climbers. They have small eyes, and black, cinnamon, or yellow colored fur. They have a brown muzzle and sometimes they have white chest hair called a blaze. When an adult black bear is threatened it lets out a loud bark. They are the smallest bears out of them all.


Black bears are not endangered. They are in no threat of becoming extinct because these bears have a high population rate. There is higher population of black bears than humans in the world.


Black bears need trees and rocks to be entertained. Climbing is something that makes them feel like they are in the wild. Black bears can live with other black bears. They would need to have a stream to catch fish in. For us we see a playful bunch of bears but to them, they are hunting prey in the wild.


Black bears live in Canada and United states of America. They are used to cool and warm weather. They can live in heat or snow.

Food Chain

Black bears have no real predators other than humans. Black bears eat a lot of different foods though. Black bears eat fish, and fish eat alage. Black bears also eat berries, berries use the nutrients from the bush, and the bush uses sunlight. They also eat bugs and bugs eat plants. Plants use sunlight.