Walking Fish coming to Australia!

Severe Choking Hazard to Animals!

Climbing Perch expert Nathan Waltham is testing this "Walking Fish" and is finding more and more astonishing facts on this topic.

Waltham is one of the top researchers on the Climbing Perch, and a lot of the information you will read is from him. The Climbing Perch has been populating Indonesia, and New Guinea for the past 40 years, and is now heading for Australia through creeks and rivers. Why is this such a big problem? The fish is an extremely big choking hazard to animals. Birds especially. These fish get out of the worst of their times by bending their gill covers out to get stuck in the creature's throats. I wish I could get out of cleaning my room, or doing my homework. The Climbing Perch became a big deal at the beginning of June, 2015, when scientists discovered the Climbing perch's destination.

How it will get there

To get to Australia, the Climbing Perch might swim there, but it also could end up in a fisherman's boat going to a mainland mistaken for bait. That's why fishermen are being told to check their boats and get rid of any Climbing Perch fish there might be before arriving to land.

How long it can live on land

The Climbing Perch can live up to an amazing six days on land by absorbing oxygen. To get on land, it will pull itself out of the water using its fins. Hopefully, the Climbing Perch doesn't succeed to get to Australia, because if it makes it, it will be disastrous. The animals will either starve to death, because you can't eat it without gagging, or they will choke to death. Thank you for reading information on this "Walking Fish."