The Hookworm

By Alex Thomas

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Where it Lives

The hookworm lives in the small intestine of a mammal, such as a dog, cat, or human.

How it Feeds

It sucks blood from the intestines and can cause damage to mucosa (mucous membranes).

How it Reproduces

The hookworms mate inside the host. The female lays her eggs in the feces of the host, up to 30,000 a day.

Hosts of Choice

Mainly humans, but it also goes for other mammals, such as cats and dogs.

Special Adaptations to Deal with Host

Necator americanus: Penetrates the skin to enter the body                                      Ancylostoma duodenale: enters by ingestion,                                                                        Both stay in the intestine by sucking on the mucous membranes


Necator americanus- males: 5-9 mm. females: 9-11 mm.                                    Ancylostoma duodenale- males: 8-11 mm. females: 10- 13 mm.

Interesting Facts

  1. Well developed mouths, two pairs of teeth
  2. 80 million seriously affected today
  3. Cause loss of iron and protein in gut