Miss Hilary's May Newsletter

It's been a great year!

Upcoming Events


NO SCHOOL: May 25 (Memorial Day)


On the last week of school, dress up your child in our cap & gown for some fun pics!


Please celebrate our last days of school with a fun pajama party at Sunshine! If we haven't celebrated your child's birthday this year, feel free to bring treats.


Don't forget to order our End of the Year gifts - your order helps to pay for graduation so that we can keep our graduation free to attend. Thank you! You can order any of the items below, or order all (3) and SAVE $10 and get a free 8x10 of your child's class that will be taken in May! You can find your order form in your May payment packet.


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  • Date: Saturday, June 6
  • Place: Kuna Performing Arts Center
  • PRACTICE Time: 10 a.m. drop off, 11:30 a.m. pickup
  • GRADUATION: 6:30 p.m. drop off (no early birds please); graduation will be held from 7-8 p.m.
  • Every family should attend. Please invite your family. (It's free.)

Each class will be wearing a different color for graduation. Please let your child wear an outfit or t-shirt with the class's dominant color. Look below for your child's class color. (Kindergartners can wear any color, because they'll be wearing our gold caps and gowns.)

  • Miss Melanie (MWF AM) - Orange
  • Miss Melanie (T_TH AM) - Green
  • Miss Melanie (T_TH PM) - Purple
  • Miss Diana (MWF AM) - Navy
  • Miss Diana (MWF PM) - Black
  • Miss Lindsay (T_TH AM) - White
  • Miss Lindsay (T_TH PM) - Red
  • Miss Hilary (MWF PM) - Teal
  • Miss Hilary (T_TH PM) - Yellow

Happy Birthday To:

Piper: May 21

Where did our school year go?

Wow, how can it be May already? The school year has gone by so quickly! We have 5 weeks left of school and so many exciting things going on in our classroom!

April was a great month. We celebrated Easter and several birthdays. We learned so much about our weekly zoo animals. Hopefully your kids impressed you with some fun animal facts! We finished our Handwriting Without Tears number books and the kids did an amazing job with them! I am so excited about how well they are writing their numbers. I am seeing huge improvements in their sight word recognition as well! They are so ready to tackle kindergarten in the fall!

In May we will see more positive gains in their pre-reading and reading skills. We will be adding a new letter blend (ph) and will also add a few more sight words. As always, we will practice all of the letter sounds and work on writing our letters daily. Thank you so much for all of the work you do at home practicing their sight words with them!

Our classroom now has caterpillars that will soon make their chrysalis and turn into butterflies! We will be learning all about their life cycle and doing some really fun butterfly art. We have a cute butterfly dance we will be doing at circle time, so be sure to ask your kids to share it with you!

We will also continue to work on our classroom compost bin. We will be adding worms to the compost in a couple of weeks. Right around that time we will be eating "dirt cups" with gummy worms at snack. We will also be planting seeds that they will be able to bring home and plant in the ground or in a pot.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we have some surprises in store for all of the moms! I hope you all have a very special Mother's Day with your kids!

We will be VERY busy in May:

  • We are finishing up our graduation books (a VERY special book you'll get to take home on graduation night that your child has been working on from the beginning of the year) so don't be surprised if there's only a few art pieces that get sent home in May. We've got to save a few more special pieces for our books.
  • We are busy with lots of "games" i.e. assessments! We can't believe how far our kiddos have come since the beginning of the year. We're compiling a final Progress Report so you can see how far your child has grown! What's awesome is that each of our students have had huge strides in all of their development, whether it's social, emotional, physical or cognitive. They're growing up so quick!
  • Mid May we'll be busy practicing our graduation songs, but we can't sing them for you - that's a secret! You'll have to come to the graduation to see us rockin' out on stage!
  • On that note, don't forget that we need parent helpers for our graduation please... please look in your payment packet for a form to fill out to let us know you can help.

As the school year draws to a close this month, please be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your students transition into kindergarten. Have a great month!

Miss Hilary

Our easter parties were so fun!

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our zoo field trip was so much fun!

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Sharing day is always a favorite in our classroom!

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Proud of their dragonflies!

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Table time activities

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