Q3 Independent Reading Flyer

Ryan Watts


One of the two books I read was Insurgent and the topic I chose was how this book relates to the real world. Some of the connections I made, connecting Insurgent to the real world is that the faction systems are much like our job system, where each person does something of their interest. The dauntless are our police system, the Eurdite are the doctors and scientists and are very arrogant “Arrogance is one of the flaws in the Erudite heart -- I know. It is often in mine.” , the abnegation are the people who run places such as churches and soup kitchens and are selfless, the candor would be our judicial system, who value the truth, and the Amity are the hippies who believe war isnt the answer to everything and the factionless are the group who does the odd jobs such as sewer work and get paid little to nothing. Now the whole plot takes place in the United States, which should sound familiar to you all and more specifically a post-war chichago
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The other book I read was Allegiant. The main connection I made connecting Allegiant to the real world is that the third book is all about everyone being equal “Arrogance is one of the flaws in the Erudite heart -- I know. It is often in mine.” . Much like in our current society everyone is striving for equality, while in the book, the people are trying to prove that the Genetically Pure are the same as the Genetically impure. The inpure believe that everyone has the same ability to do wrong, while the pure believe that they are less prompted to do wrong.