Teen Parenthood

The truth about teen pregnancy

Health risks to unborn child

Teen mothers may be weary to go to a doctor and get prenatal care for fear that their parents might find out. They themselves might also not want to except it. Not getting prenatal care can cause the baby to have greater health problems when born including low birth weight.

Financial Problems

Many teen moms and dads do not have jobs or may not even have money saved up to care of themselves let alone another person. Babies cost a pretty penny and teen pregnancy should not be taken lightly. You want to be able to give your child the best care you can and how can you do that when you do not have any money saved up.

Are you ready to give up your life to a child?

Think.... Just for a second how would your life change being a teen parent.


Teens who become parents can choose to either finish high school and go on to college or other... Becoming a parent at a young age can be challenging, yes. It can also be a gift, I believe being a mom is the most amazing gift. There are perks to being a parent but think.. are you ready right now...???

How To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Safe sex choose to use a condom or get yourself on birth control if you know you are going to be having sex.

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