Coding 4-5

Final Announcement!

No Chats This Week!

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Course Survey

  • Please take a moment to complete the course survey! Your feedback helps me improve our missions! Click HERE!
  • Next year my courses will be called Coding & Technology! A combo of Coding and Inventions! This way you get to experience both & there will be more choice missions! I think you'll really enjoy it!
  • Lastly, I will be have 2 levels to each course! So if you took Coding with me this year, please sign up for level 2. If you are new to Coding, please sign up for level 1.
Final Virtual Lesson

If you missed chat, you can check out our final virtual lesson here! There is no questions of the week and viewing this recording is optional!

Scratch Summer!

  • Our Scratch Studio will be open all summer! Post your projects and share your favorite remixes with your friends at PALCS!
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Have a Wonderful Summer!

See You In Cyberspace!