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March 2014

Change your life with a drop

Like one drop of water can create a series of waves on the surface of water, one drop of doTERRA essential oils can promote wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

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Killing bacteria with essential oils

This month, I want to share an encouraging science lesson in the form of the video below with Dr. Steuer. Powerful.

Killing Bacteria with Essential Oils


I made a discovery this month and I wonder if you've ever faced a challenge like this yourself.

I've been so blessed since making big, positive changes in my life last year; more time with my family, more business opportunities than I imagined, more success with fitness goals, and more excited teammates to mentor, just to name a few.

After returning from a recent business trip, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I kept thinking that maybe what was going on was based on a fear that I couldn't be everything to everyone in need, that I wasn't enough.

Upon reflection, I recognized that I had already learned that I could never be everything to everyone in need, I had already learned that I was enough.

I now realize that what I truly fear is my great potential; the amazing things I can accomplish as a child of God. Let your light shine!

I hope you'll enjoy the Marianne Williamson poem I added below. May it be a reminder to you and to me of our greatness.

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Natalie Mauer

Natalie's 4-year career sharing the doTERRA story fulfills her need to help and empower others to address their health concerns at home in a safe, natural, and effective way.

Natalie has pursued complimentary healthcare options since becoming a mom 13 years ago. Essential oils have empowered her as a mom, and have essentially eliminated all but well-care visits for their family for nearly 4 years now. In fact, even though he was enrolled in childcare full time for 4 years, her 5-year old son Eric has never been on a prescription medication (It's true, not even 1 antibiotic!)

Natalie believes in the power of intention. She recently left a 26+ year career in financial services after writing her story to include what she wants in her life. Her new story includes engaged time with her children and husband Steve, as well as intentional time exercising, meditating, and a focus on personal development and practicing gratitude.

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