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First of all, I would love to thank MC and LCP who trusted me in this huge responsibility. You all can not imagine how much this means for me. I promise to be the last MCP this year, three is more than enough already.

Thank you, Zaira, for these months together, for everything you did for MC and for AIESEC Nicaragua and for me personally!

It was more than happiness to see how your recruitment was going on, how UCA got everybody from only one infosession, how Central was promoting AIESEC in the main cafeteria on lunch time, how Leon got 60 people attending AIESEC presentation! These things are not just happening by their own, they happen because you were working hard! Now let’s make these things to continue and focus on induction and education of your new members!


MCP 2014 - AIESEC Nicaragua

Corner News


  • We just raised 4 new Tns for UNICA and that means much more than just new TNs. First of all, UNICA is one of our main partners not only for ICX, but generally for the national board, and having this kind of strong partnership between AIESEC and University that understands our WHY and supports our activities is great GCP! In my own opinion, this partnership for AIESEC Nicaragua itself is a huge achievement! These 4 profiles are planned for August, which means pipeline for the next MC term.
  • We also raised 2 TNs with American College for HR & soft skills course.
  • NST matching position for the fruit peak will be opened this week.

Talent Management

Amie wrote her first message in spanish! Check it out :)

Hola chicos!

Estoy trabajando para apoyar y proporcionar materiales para la inducción. Mirando hacia adelante a la SMI combinado para AIESEC Central y UCA. Buen trabajo para Jorge y Vanessa para la construcción de una propuesta de agenda!

El reclutamiento está comenzando el fin de todas las entidades. Felicidades a Leon para tener una habitación llena de su sesión de información y empezar a planificar su centro de evaluación. Keiser tendrá un Global Village con sus nuevos miembros. Vamos a estar allí físicamente para apoyarlos esta semana!


We intervieved MCVP OGX applicant Eidson Magne!

EVENTS: Ciclo de Liderazgo Empresarial

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  • Liderando tu Potencial
  • ¿Cómo alcanzar las metas personales?
  • El despertar del liderazgo natural a través de una mente positiva
  • ¿Cómo buscar la prosperidad en la vida?
  • Negociación y ventas
  • ¿Cómo empezar un negocio?


  • The Pacific Institute
  • Jose Bolaños, Coacher personal
  • Susana Valdivia-Rivas, Coordinadora en El Arte de Vivir Nicaragua
  • Ricardo Amador, Empresario individual, Docente de la UCA
  • Guillermo Cabezas, Empresario en PRECASA Gypsum


  • Martina Willnecker, AIESEC voluntaria de Alemania | Profesora en la UNICA


Positions available: MCVP OGX, MCVP TM, MCVP ICX, MCVP MKT.

Application Package:
DDL: March 28th - 23:59 GMT-6
Any doubts? Contact our MCPe Julio Valdez at
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