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Grutte Pier

Cross of the Dutchman is based on the folk legend of Pier Gerlofs Donia. Pier lived a peaceful life with his wife Rintsje in the small town of Kimswerd. Pier was a humble farmer, even though he came from a wealthy family. One day the village of Kimswerd was attacked and plundered by Saxon mercenaries. While Pier was trying to save the village from being burnt to the ground, the marauders captured and murdered Rintsje. Enraged by the murder on his wife, Pier gathered an army of farmers and stood up against the oppressors of his people. His cause quickly became known to all Frisians and his actions made him an immortal legend for all citizens of Frisia. That is why Pier received his famous nickname ‘Grutte Pier’ (Pier the Great).
Cross of the Dutchman - Official Gameplay Trailer
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NNB - Grutte Pier

Pieter Hoekstra, Erik Broersma, Chris Elzinga en Ruben de Vries

Class: 2D