Depressant Drugs

by: emelia

Why do people begin using Depressants?

Depressants are taken sometimes because people are under a lot of stress, and by taking that ONE pill their stress can just leave their body. It's like a great big weight has been lifted of of your shoulder. Some people take them to relieve tension or irritability, like if you are having a big exam and your piled up in studying, taking that pill can relieve all that tension in your body. Depressants are also used to induce or sedate sleep, this means that if people are having a hard time falling asleep, they can take pills to help them sleep or help them rest better.

What can Depressants do to your body?

Depressants are like pills of ease, they can stop the pain, the anxiety, the stress, they can relieve just about anything. Depressants can do many things to your body, it's kinda like a bad problem, it just gets worse, and worse, and worse, before eventually somebody helps stop it. Some short terms effects of taking Depressants can lead too;

- Dizziness

- Slowing down of brain function


- The difficulty or inability to urinate

- Addiction

- Lower blood sugar

And some long term effects could be;

- Depression

- Chronic fatigue

- Breathing difficulty's

- Sexual and sleep problems

All of these effects are really bad for the body, craving's anxiety or panic are very common if the user is unable to get more of the pills they have been using. In these situations their body could be under so much stress, and panic that they could lead to heart attacks or seizures.

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Examples of Depressants

Some examples of Depressants can be;

- Barbiturates

- Alcohol

- Rohypnol

- Cannabis

- Opioids

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Where to get Help

When getting help to stop taking Depressants, one should never stop alone. The withdrawal symptoms to needing more pills could be problematic and can potentially cause death. Addicted patients should undergo medically supervised, like from a therapist, or a peer that can slowly help you stop your addiction of taking Depressants.
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