Beer's Law Lab

Flannery Berreth

Background information:

The normal amount of anesthesia used for putting patients under during surgery must be less than 40%. A higher concentration of the solution absorbs more light than a solution of lower concentration.

The direct relationship between absorbency and concentration for a solution is known as Beer's Law.

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Scientific Explanations:

Betty would have died in the operation because the mystery solution was 70% anesthesia and the most you could use during an operation is 40%.

Step By Step

1: Set up the colorimeter to the computer and open logger pro.

2: Fill the cuvette 3/4 the way full with distilled water.

3: Put the cuvette in he colorimeter and calibrate it.

4: Empty the cuvette and fill it 3/4 the way full with 20% solution.

5: Put the cuvette in the colorimeter and push the "collect" button and then 'keep." Then type 20% and click enter.

6: Continue this process for all the solutions and then press "stop"

7: After collecting all the data, find the line of best fit.

The mystery solution was last using the same steps listed above.

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