Ban Heading in Soccer

By: Owen Littrell


The use of the head in Soccer should be banned for all age groups. Heading is the use of your head to hit the ball while it is in the air. It is currently being discussed if heading should be banned to children under 10, however this is not enough.



According to Head Case, there are about 42 concussions taking place per 100,000 high school Soccer athletes in the United States alone.

Improved Game

According to Stefan Fatsis from New York Times, "Not heading the ball at all detracts nothing from, and in fact improves, the game; kids get better at Soccer by learning to control the ball with their feet, thighs, chest, and other body parts."

Concerned Parents

Jack de Menezes from The Independent said, "A group of parents and players filed a class-action lawsuit in the United States District Court of California against Fifa, US Soccer and the American Youth Soccer Organisation with negligence in treating and monitoring head injuries..."

Take Action

I ask you to petition these rules that are currently set in place by Fifa and US Youth Soccer. They must be changed for all age groups to stop serious damage.


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