D.I.D disorder

Juanita Maxwell

Juanita maxwell

1979, 23-year-old Juanita Maxwell was working as a hotel maid in Fort Myers, Florida. In March that year, 72-year-old hotel guest Inez Kelley was brutally murdered; she was beaten, bitten, and choked to death. Maxwell was arrested because she had blood on her shoes and a scratch on her face. She claimed she had no idea what happened.


While awaiting trial, Maxwell saw a psychiatrist, and when she went to trial, she pleaded not guilty because she had multiple personalities. She had six personalities besides her own, and one of the dominant personalities, Wanda Weston, committed the murder.

Her resolution

At her trial, the defense team, through the use of a social worker, drew Wanda out on the stand. The judge thought that the transformation was quite remarkable. Juanita was a soft-spoken woman, but Wanda was boisterous and flirtatious and liked violence. She laughed while she admitted to beating the senior citizen with a lamp over a disagreement about a pen.

Maxwell was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she says she didn’t get proper treatment.


Dillinger says she never received the proper treatment and was kept on tranquilizers, which mask but do not cure multiple personality disorder. When she was confronted with the stress of living in the outside world, Wanda, the most dominant of her six ''multiples,'' took over.