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Promoting Great Things in a Great School District

The Model for Success

Sixteen years ago, Spring Hill ISD hired a junior high band director and high school assistant named Randy Kiser. A few years later, he became the head director of the Blue Brigade. SHISD could not have realized at the time, that the young man they hired to lead the junior high would some day turn the high school into the model for all other military bands to follow. From day one, he has built a program that has become an institution in East Texas and now the state of Texas is taking notice. Year after year, Mr. Kiser instills a quest for excellence in his students and parents. From the very first day of practice in August until November, the directors, parents, and students work tirelessly to add to the tradition and accomplishments that the community has come to expect. The parents as well work non-stop making a true team of school, students, and parents.

Most of us admire from the stands, not realizing the hard work and dedication the band puts into every practice and performance. Most fans do not realize that band directors from other parts of the state come to watch the Blue Brigade practice and look to Mr. Kiser as the model they want to become. Most do not realize the leadership instilled in the students or understand the hours students spend studying in the stands and on the bus so that their grades do not suffer. Most do not realize the band is made up of not just band students but, drill team, cheerleaders, athletes in other sports, and advanced academic students.

We sometimes take for granted the performances we see. Most do not see that after marching for a 1st place finish last Saturday at the National Association of Military Marching Bands (NAMMB) competition, the band spent more time talking about how to get better and sharpen their routine than celebrating. It is simply a blue print for how to build a championship program and be successful year after year and it's a model that should be followed in all other aspects of the district.

To Mr. Kiser, Mr. Pipak, Ms. Kylberg and the entire Blue Brigade, I say congratulations. You have reached the highest level of success in a system that was built for a different style of marching and you did it without compromising the integrity of the military band style. You simply did it better than anyone else.

The Blue Brigade has made Panther Nation very proud. ~ Steve Snell, Superintendent

Some quick highlights:

  • SHISD finished #1 in the National Association of Military Marching Bands (NAMMB) competition on November 5, 2016 (different than state)
  • 179 bands marched, 25 made the state competition, 10 made the finals
  • SHISD made the finals for the first time in school history
  • SHISD finished #5 overall in the UIL 4A State Marching Band Competition
  • SHISD is the #1 Ranked Military Marching Band in the State of Texas

Here are some parent and student comments:

  • I don't know if we will win it all but I can tell you Spring Hill band is the talk of the competition. I've had other people in the elevators, bathrooms, while walking around stop me and say how good that was and they ALL say that's a real marching band. They say that's how they grew up playing and listening to. Whether or not we come out on top, people all over Texas are talking about the Blue Brigade!!! ~ Mr. McFatridge
  • These students, band directors and co directors, sponsors, parents, brothers and sisters have earned the right to be heard and being the top Military Marching Band in the 4A Division in the State of Texas along with Top 5 ranking among all bands needs to be recognized. The hard work and dedication that multiple upon multiple people have put into this program should be recognized. Impeccable performances all year Blue Brigade the community is standing tall thanks to you. - Chris Shelton
  • Thank you for molding these kids to be the very best! They have great respect for you all & towards each other! They are a "family"!

Dinner at Gristmill After Rain Soaked Practice

Mr. Kiser and the Drum Majors

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The Team that makes it all happen

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I want to extend a sincere thank you to the Blue Brigade Fan Club! The parents that spent hours watching their children perform, hours supporting my husband, hours traveling to band events so the kids have a crowd to cheer them on! I am amazed by you. Thank you for putting on the "welcome home" that you did tonight...and thank you, thank you for including me and my babies in it! Without you, none of this would be possible. You hold your kids accountable, support the directors in their decisions, and are there to support rain or shine! I feel blessed that our family is part of your community. I feel blessed my husband has you to support him. The Kisers are so very thankful for you! ~ Mrs. Kiser

Thanks to Official Band Photographer Mrs. Cobb

Mrs. Cobb is an excellent teacher for SHISD, but she is also a great photographer and most if not all pictures in this issue were taken by her. Here are some comments from parents. Thank you for preserving this great memory.

  • You are simply Awesome. Thank You! - Kristi Seymore
  • Simply do a fantastic job, and your love of it shows in each picture you take! Thank you so much for capturing all of their emotions perfectly - K. Linthicum
  • Mrs. Cobb, thank you for everything you do!!The best thing to do after every band event is to go through the countless amount of photos that you take. We appreciate it more than anything. - J. Galeas
  • Is it weird for me to tell Jeanette Cobb that I love her?! Jeanette, you have documented so well the story of our kids' band journey & I cannot throw enough 'Thank you's' in your direction for doing it and for so readily sharing your work with us. You rock, lady. ~ P. Moore
  • Jeanette - you are awesome. Period. You do such a great job documenting every moment possible and it is much appreciated. I love seeing the "behind the scenes" pictures and I look through every single picture looking for the kids. Thank you so much!!!
  • Big thank you to Jeanette Cobb for all the awesome pictures of our kids ❤️ you were able to capture such exciting moments thank you!! - M. Simpson

SH State Band Trip Experience Video

Spring Hill 2016 State Band Trip Experience