October Newsletter

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary Guidance Department

Character Word of the Month: FAIRNESS

This month we are focusing on our character word: fairness. What's fair doesn't always mean it's equal. What may be fair to you may not be fair to someone else. When I teach this word I like to show the students a picture of three children. One is short, one is of average height, and one is very tall. The three children are attending a baseball game, but the fence is too high for the students to see. They first try to use the same height box to see over the fence. The very tall one can see just fine, but the short child still can not see over the fence. That is equal. It may be right for one child, but not for the other. So then they decide to use boxes of different heights to help them see over the fence. They can all see now, but they aren't all equal size boxes. But that was what was best for each child. Remember as we go forward this month that what may be right for you and your child may not be what another child needs.

Don't Forget! Fall Break is October 6-10


Red Ribbon Week will be October 27-31

Monday, Oct 27: Join the Team Against Drugs

Tuesday, Oct 28: Lei Off Drugs

Wednesday, Oct 29: Follow Your Dreams to a Drug Free Life

Thursday, Oct 30: Wear Red Day

Friday, Oct 31: Show Good Character and Be Drug Free

AR Celebration

Friday, Oct. 3rd, 1:30pm

3112 Meridian St N

Huntsville, AL

We will be having our 1st AR Celebration! The students will celebrate with an Ice Bucket Challenge! Join us!

October 31st is a Half Day for Students!

PTA Fall Festival

Thursday, Oct. 30th, 5:30pm

3112 Meridian St N

Huntsville, AL

PTA will be hosting our Fall Festival. There will be lots of games, prizes, and activities for the students to participate in! Come and join the fun!