By Nathaly Mrs. Martin


OCD is a physical and emotional disease, it might lead you to do crazy stuff that you don’t want. So I would suggest you to ask a doctor if you have a connection with anything in this article.

Signs and Symptoms

OCD is unwanted thoughts that do not make sense. Keeping articles that you don’t need, everything needs to be in place and on time, are some signs. Also, perfect angles, excessive washing; home cleaning and taking a shower even if you don’t need one. those two are common of happening. Arranging and rearranging is a common one as well.

Social Life

OCD can be especially hard on you. It can affect your dynamic in your family what you really don't want. It can also get in the way of having fun, doing schoolwork, and keeping friendships. That's why you should get help quickly or your friends won't talk to you anymore. 30 percent of the people who have OCD they probably have been victims of sexual, physical, or psychological trauma. OCD can affect both men and women, teens and older.