Clyde Howard McNamee

By: Shannon David, Core 1

Clyde's Beginnings👶:

Clyde Howard McNamee was born on July 19, 1890. He had two sisters and one brother (names unknown). His Mother died when he was sixth grade and his father could not support the family. Clyde ended up staying in with his father's friend who was a printing business proprietor. He later on became the business proprietor's apprentice.

Life on his own👦

Clyde ventured off in his late teens to search for a better life. He had a lot of different jobs and kept moving around the United States. One of the main jobs he learned was to be a steam fitter. A steam fitter is a job where you install and fix steam pipes. Around the late 1910's he had a permanent job as a steam fitter. At this time he met his wife to be, Nora, whom he married and settled down in Kansas City, Missouri. Little over a year later, they had a little boy named Howard.

Howard's daughters👧👧

In the 1940's, Howard met and married a woman named Leona. They had two daughters named Debbie (my Grandmother) and Donna (my Great Aunt). Debbie and Donna were eventually raised by their Grandparents, Nora and Clyde McNamee.

When my Grandmother was six years old, Clyde won a 1948 Dodge vehicle from a raffle at a barbeque in Kansas City. The picture shown is the car that he won with my Grandmother Debbie standing in front.

Moving to California🌊

My Grandmother lived is Kansas City all of her life until her Grandfather decided to move to California to get a better job as a steam fitter. This happened around the year of 1948. About four years after they moved, Clyde bought a boat called the "Angler" as shown in the picture. The Grandparents and grandchildren all went salmon fishing and rented out the boat to earn money.

Final days👴

Clyde Howard McNamee died on September 7, 1958. His body is laid to rest in El Cerrito, California. Many of his descendants still reside in California to this day.

Fun Facts about Clyde👍

  1. Clyde Howard McNamee is actually a senior. His son had the same name, but everybody knew him as "Howard" not "Clyde".
  2. Clyde carried his pocket watch, picture below, with him everywhere he went.
  3. His ring, shown in the picture below, has a tiny hole drilled in the middle. This was created as a personal remembrance of a dear friend of his. Clyde's initials are also engraved on the ring.
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Here below is more information about Clyde's job, a steam fitter!

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