Refrigerate and chill

nothing is cooler than safe food

chill out with the perfect temp

Refrigerators should be kept at 40 degrees fahrenheit

freezers should be kept at 0 degrees fahrenheit.

these are the best temps to keep food safe and stop the risk of bacteria growth.

Cool cucumbers cool their cucumbers

Keep things safe and sanitary with these simple rules.

1. Don't allow foods to sit out for more than 2 hours.

- break up food into smaller portions to help chill it faster

2. If food needs to thaw put it in the fridge or in cold water.

3. remember, when in doubt throw it out.

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Don't be cold hearted, keep it safe for everyone

If you follow the guidelines above your food should be safe. Just remember, if you don't you run the risk of bacteria growth and you could get some nasty food borne illnesses; salmonella and E. coli are only a few of the illnesses you can get so keep calm and cook on.
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