February 2014 Edition


In an effort to disseminate meaningful professional learning experiences, coordinators will be meeting with individual case managers to provide IEP Compliance Training in the upcoming weeks. Please work with your coordinator to schedule a time to meet/review an upcoming IEP. Include the student's name, IEP due date, and IEP draft due date when arranging meeting times.

An IEP Compliance Training Tool is attached to guide your IEP development. Coordinators will be using this document as a guide when they meet with you to review your IEP(s). Please print the tool and document completion of each individual item as you finalize your IEPs.

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Snow days may still be in our future. Please be aware of this when scheduling your IEP's. Remember to schedule two weeks prior to the IEP due date. If just one IEP is held past the annual due date, we will be out of compliance with KSDE.

Frequency, Duration, Location, Oh MY!

As a reminder, we will be reviewing additional IEPs between March and May as the final piece of our district-wide corrective action plan. All accommodations, modifications, and supports for school personnel MUST include a narrative description of the frequency, duration, and location of the support/service to be provided. A document with examples collected from around the district is attached to guide you in this effort. Please remember that each service/support needs to be considered for each individual student.

Paraprofessional Evaluations

Classified staff evaluations should be completed and given to your building administrator or coordinator prior to leaving for spring break. The evaluation tool is attached for your reference.

ESY Updates

Continue to keep your coordinator informed of students who become eligible for Extended School Year services. Please remember the following four questions when considering ESY services:

1. Is a significant regression anticipated if ESY services are not provided?

2. What is the nature and severity of the disability(ies)?

3. Are instructional areas or related services needed that are crucial in moving toward self-sufficiency and independence?

4. Does the IEP team have data to and information to help determine ESY services?

Once a student has been determined eligible, use the example below to guide your reflection of ESY services on the IEP. Service minutes/days may vary for students, so consult with your team if you have questions.

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Assistive Technology Tidbits

Remember, on the Considerations section of the IEP, ALWAYS say YES to AT. Within our current format, you will never check “NO” or “Not Applicable”, as state law requires us to consider AT needs for every student. If AT was considered and not needed, include a brief statement explaining your response. See the sample below.

Have the Assistive Technology needs of the child been considered?

Not Applicable



If yes, how are the Assistive Technology needs addressed in the IEP?

AT needs were considered but AT is not required at this time.

From Infinitec:

Check out this web resource:

Newsela http://www.newsela.com

This new site seems to have it all - non-fiction news articles that can be used to address common core, the ability to differentiate text based on lexile measures, built-in quizzes (also adjustable for text complexity) for articles that have anchor standards identified, the ability to save data and the ability to annotate articles. Check it out for free now. It appears that may change in the future. This start-up was funded by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant. Create a free log in to access all of the features.

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