October 2016

We are excited to launch our first Future Ready Featurette! We will highlight common issues we are seeing, great tech tools/tips, Google specific tips, and to highlight the great work of our Google Guides in the district!

If there is a topic you would like to see covered in an upcoming issue, let your Future Ready Coach know!

Featured Google Guide-


Fantastic Web Spot-

www.usnewsmap.com is a great resource to find newspapers from 1789-1922 throughout the United States! You can save the maps as a PDF or have your students go and explore!

Favorite Google Tip- Adding Shared Resources to the CK Future Ready Website

Many of you are creating great resources to use with students. We hear from many teachers curious of what others are doing & how to be more blended. There is also the movement of "Teachers give Teachers": sharing resources to other teachers so they can modify/adapt resources to meet the needs of their students. We are working to create a collaborative environment so teachers can efficiently use their time and not re-create what others have done.

As a Google Guide, we ask you make a copy of resources (and encourage others that have created resources in Google!) and share them on the site. The resources you upload don't have to be perfect, it is about sharing with others.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q: Why won't the headphones work in the Chromebook?!?

A: Click on your picture in the lower right hand corner, click on the arrow next to the volume and select headphones. Problem fixed!