Pioneer missions

By: Esha kumar

The probes

  • In the pioneer space missions their were usually 8-9 probes.
  • These probes detected if there was life on planets and went on many different missions to help us learn more about space.
  • The most memorable probes were #10 and #11.
  • Each probe had a different phase which kept them separated and different.

Stephen A. Salgia

  • Stephen A. Salgia was the one who came up with the name pioneer mission.
  • The name that was thought of by his company was "lunar-orbiting vehicle with an infrared scanning device."
  • After a long talk he finally agreed with the name pioneer because of some astronauts who were named Pioneers in Space.

Early missions

  • The missions for the probes in the Early pioneer missions was for Earths escaping velocity.
  • The Records below in from 1958-1960.
  • Lunar Orbiter

Pioneer 0- Lunar orbiter after the launch had an (epic fail after 77 seconds) after launch, August 17, 1958.

Pioneer 1-Lunar orbiter, missed Moon (the 3rd phase was partial fail) October 11, 1958.

Pioneer 2- Lunar orbiter, reentry (3rd part was a big failure) November 8, 1958.

Pioneer P-1 - was lost on September 24, 1959

Pioneer P-2-lost in launcher failure November 26, 1959

pioneer 5-Somewhere between Earth and Venus.

Pioneer 6-Lunar probe, failed to achieve lunar orbit September 25, 1960.

Pioneer 7-Lunar probe, lost in upper stage failure December 15, 1960.

  • Juno 2 Lunar probes

Pioneer 3- Lunar flyby, missed Moon due to launcher failure.

Pioneer 4- finally Completed mission!!!!!!!( on March 3, 1959)

Late missions

  • The main late missions were trying to flyby probes by Jupiter and Saturn.
  • The records below are from 1965-1978
  • Weather network

Pioneer 6 (Pioneer A) – launched December 1965

Pioneer 7 (Pioneer B) – launched August 1966

Pioneer 8 (Pioneer C) – launched December 1967

Pioneer 9 (Pioneer D) – launched November 1968 (gone since 1983)

Pioneer E – lost in launcher failure August 1969


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