Wayland Union Schools

2022-2023 Professional Development Offerings

District Provided PD Opportunities and Information/Guidelines

Listed below are District Provided PD Opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year. For the 2022-2023 school year, the following types of PD will be available:
  • In-Service Days: These are required PD days for all teachers/staff members covered under the WUEA bargaining agreement. Everyone in attendance will automatically have SCECHs submitted on their behalf, these hours will also be logged for you in the SF2K portal.
  • PLC Hours: These are required hours (6 hours) that must be completed with your PLC, focusing on PLC topics (the 4 essential questions). These hours must be documented in the SF2K portal to earn credit. These hours will be eligible for SCECH credit as long as backup documentation is available for review in our district PLC folders.
  • PD offerings for SCECH credit: Certified staff can use SCECHs toward certificate renewal. Several opportunities for earning SCECH credit are available throughout the school year. Anything on this page has been pre-approved. If you would like an offering to be considered for SCECH credit, please submit an agenda and objectives to Teresa Fulk 45 days prior to participating in the offering. Teresa Fulk will review the offering to be sure it will qualify for SCECHs and respond within 48 business hours. Stipends may/may not be available for these opportunities. Stipends, if available, will be noted in the PD description. These hours must be documented in the SF2K portal to earn SCECH credit. Click here to view a list of PD opportunities that have been submitted and approved for SCECH credit.

*It is important to note that the district will be submitting SCECH information to MDE (Michigan Department of Education) for participants of our various PD options. PD participants will need to complete the district-level PD evaluation AND login to MOECS to complete the PD evaluation in MOECS in order for SCECHs to appear on the MOECS site. For additional information on SCECHs from MDE, please visit this link.

This list will be revised as additional opportunities become available.

Please contact Teresa Fulk if you have any questions.

In-Service Days

Scheduled In-Service Days for the 2022-2023 School year are:

  • Wednesday, August 17th
  • Thursday, August 18th
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Monday, January 23rd
  • Monday, March 13th

Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

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16th - New Teacher Orientation - 8:30 - 3:00pm

New Teacher Orientation is required PD for all new teachers to Wayland Union Schools. This session will:

  • Provide new teachers and their mentors with an overview of the Mentor Program at WUS
  • Teach new teachers about key district systems (payroll, substitute teacher request process, purchase cards, Infinite Campus, etc.)
  • Provide new teachers with a tour of the school district


TBD - Spring Technology Playdate

Learn all of the latest and greatest in Instructional Technology that representatives from our district bring back information learned from the MACUL conference. This one day PD session will SCECH credit. To register, click here.
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Non-Traditional Activities Eligible for SCECHs

Non-Traditional professional development activities, such as those listed below, also are eligible for SCECH credit, if prior approval is received. To receive SCECH credit for these Non-Traditional programs, you MUST contact your local SCECH Sponsor (Teresa Fulk) before starting the activity to receive qualification instructions and required validation forms. SCECHs can only be earned by filing the appropriate paperwork within 30 days after the activity.

Note: SCECHs for these activities may be earned up to a maximum of three times toward certificate renewal in a certificate renewal period.

  • Supervision of Student Teacher/Teacher Intern, School Counselor Internship, School Psychologist Required Practicum/Internship, or Pre-Teaching/Mid-tier Student/Pre-Service Student
  • Mentoring a new Teacher, new School Counselor, new School Psychologist, or a new Principal/Administrator
  • Serving on an approved accreditation review and/or site visit team, K-12 School Improvement Team, School Committee, or MDE Committee

Interested in finding other sources of PD that offer SCECHs?

The Michigan Department of Education offers a SCECH catalog that educators can use to find SCECH offerings from across the state. The catalog can be found at this link.
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