The History of The 8-Track

We're going old school!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

Facts about 8-track

The 8-track was invented by Bill Lear in 1956, Bill Lear worked for Ford and designed many things. It wasn't only car manufactures it was also a aircraft manufacture too. The 8-track was mostly a fad in the warm state of California. But the new fad tragicly died in 1970 and was replaced by the floppy disc.


Is there really any differences in modern music players and old school music players? Wrong!there's a huge difference, for one the modern music players are more portable and some have a phone for example the iPhone or the iPod. They have FaceTime, cameras and even games! And old school is hey lets go to my place to listen to my music.


But hey guess what there are still similarities, for example, they both play music and some are portable like the 8-Track is somewhat portable because it's in your car that's portable, and they both play music right, so there are simulates to because everything has differences and similarities.