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Mindfulness Moment with Annelies

I believe in you. I also have faith you have all you need. Although sometimes...

We both know stress and overwhelm can get in the way of the ability to focus, calm and create. It’s not that you can’t. It’s just hard to do alone, sometimes. I get it. We all need a pause for perspective and a gentle reminder of what’s good.

Here’s a mindfulness moment from me to you to help refresh, refuel and reflect. You’re welcome. ;) If navigating change is a must in your world, yet you often feel left the very last one to be cared for— I’m here for you. Let’s start with a breath, shall we?

Art in the Garden 2021 starts soon!

The garden can't wait to see you! If you've been itching to be outside, stay safe, AND be artful, all while you eat good food-- THIS IS IT! It's time. Learn to see life differently with me for Art in the Garden!

ART IN THE GARDEN is where creativity, community and cuisine connect. Learn basic watercolor techniques, meet new friends, eat great food and rest in the presence of nature and wisdom. Annelies will guide and inspire, as you learn to see life differently. A little (or a lot) intimidated by creativity? Come as you are. Allow the magic of the moment to take you on a journey that will feed your heart and soul. Seasoned artists & curious creatives welcome! All supplies included.

ART in the GARDEN March 27th

Click to learn more and register.

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