Chinese Tradition And Cultures.

Stopped Traditions/Continued/Dynasty Influence

Stopped Traditions

After the Qing Dynasty had fallen, the practice had become unfashionable.

This change in fashion suddenly had a perverse side effect: a lot of girls who had had their feet bound in order to become marriageable suddenly found themselves abandoned by their husbands because foot binding was no longer fashionable. Worse, in bigger cities some people would catch women with bound feet and cut off their bindings, a humiliation because these women would never, ever show their bare feet to anyone—not even their husbands. For them, the process that began with a lot of pain and tears likewise ended with pain and tears.

By the time Mao Zedong took control of China in 1949, foot binding was gone except in a few remote, mountainous areas in the country.( Schiavenza, np).