Jamestown Settlement

The epic Journey of the Growth of Jamestown, Caleb Luebbert


In 1607 a group of Englishmen came to a new land. The Englishmen had a rough time in their struggle for survival. The Indians weren't very friendly with the newcomers on their land. John Smith was the leader of the journey to the new land. Just in case you were wondering, yes, that colony was called Jamestown.


The survival of Jamestown wasn't all fun and games. The Jamestown colony was very determined to survive. When the settlers first got to Jamestown, the colonists didn't have enough food. So after the war ended with the Indians, they got along (kind of) and got help from the Indians so they would survive. The colonists had to work a lot more than they did in England, due to the low supplies. Those are just some of the reasons why it was hard to live in Jamestown.


You probably think that the Indians were really nice with the British, they really weren't. Well at least not the Powhatan Indians. In fact they even got into a war with Jamestown. During the war, John Smith took the Powhatan Indian chief captive. The Indians sent boatloads of food for their chief. In 1622 after the war ended, the chief of the Indians planned to get revenge by scaring or eliminating the Jamestown settlers. The war with the Powhatans ended in 1612.

John Smith

John Smith was a man of great honor. John Smith married Pocahontas despite the war they had (Pocahontas was a Powhatan Indian). John Smith was also an admiral in the war he had with the Indians. John Smith led to the finding of Jamestown. John Smith was a very important man.


You read about the growth of Jamestown. You read about the survival of Jamestown. You read about the relation of Jamestown, and the Powhatan Indians. You read about John Smith and how he married Pocahontas. Jamestown was the very first colony.