BaseBall Noob

Ethan leggett

I remember the first time i ever played baseball,I played baseball since I was four years old.I mainly played second base and catcher.I was the best kid on all my teams,until i played on the Red Sox. We were the best team there was in our league.All these teams i played on was Raptors,Anna,and White Sox. The White Sox wasn't the best team so i quit playing on the team.

My favorite team is the Red Sox we were the best team there was in 2014.We won all are games all over twenty runs each game. We went unstoppable until last Sunday. We lost eleven to nine it was very close.

The worst team i have ever played was the White Sox they were good until they went up a league. That's when they started to be bad we were the worst team we only won one game it was all because of me this kid trucked me when he was running home and he got disqualified and so they had to forfeit and that's how we won.

When I played on the Raptors we were the best team until we made it to the allstars we lost against the first team we lost twenty to five we were so close to win the second game but we lost four to ten.The teams were very welled coach and so was our but we weren't on our game that's how we lost.

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