Andrew Jackson is a Zero

The Villain Behind the Mask

Runs Native Americans Out of Their Land

The Native Americans were quietly settling land in Georgia. The John Marshall even approved natives staying on their land, but he didn't enforce it, so Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal act of 1830, got some men and forced the natives to move to Oklahoma. The natives didn't put up a fight because they knew they were out-numbered and out-weapon. Many died on the trip called the Trail of Tears. When they arrived their was nothing prepared for them.

He Shut Down the National Bank

The nation was running fine with the national bank. They were creating loans to help the economy. One day while congress was at recess, Jackson got his third Secretary of Treasury to deplete the bank of its money. The bank failed and was abandoned. Many people were extremely mad and disagreed with Jackson. Needless to say that this is one of the biggest mistakes by a president.

Nullification Crisis

Jackson had the great idea to raise tariffs in 1828 and 1832. This angered the southern states who relied heavily on imports. South Carolina threaten to secede from the Union at one point. Jackson took immediate action and passed the Force Bill which allowed the military to take action, which made South Carolina pay the taxes.