The Texas Revalotion

By Riley Alan Dobson, Jude Robertson, and Elijah Miller

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Table of contents

page 1 The causes of Texas revolution

page 2 The Battle of the Alamo

page 3 The Texas Declaration of Independence

page 4 The Runaway scrape

page 5 The Battle of the San Jacinto

page 6 The Effects of the Texas Revolution

The causes of The Texas Revaloution

The causes of Texans getting mad at the Mexicans. Texans didn't like the Mexicans law. They didn't like Stephen F. Austin getting thorn in jail. They didn't like them have to pay taxes. They wanted slavery but Mexican didn't allow that.

The battle of the Alamo

Mexico and Texas fought for the Alamo. Because Santa Anna came out of no wear and killed almost all of the Texans died but Santa Anna let some of the women and kids go and tell there town "I'm coming". Then Sidney said Remember the Alamo.

The Texas Declaration of Independence

Texas was done with following Mexican law like taxes, slavery.Then so Texas declared independents from Mexico. So Mexico and Texas went back into war. Gorge childress wrote the texas ddeclaration of independence.

The Runaway scrape

The Runaway Scrape was on January 14 1836 when the Mexicans were gathering stuff on the Rio Grand River.Sam Houston arrived at Gonzales March 11 and was informed the fall of the Alamo,then decided to retreat to the Colorado River and ordered all inhabitants to a accompany.

The battle of San Jacinto

The Texans got a new leader called Sam Houston. The Texans led by Sam Houston. Houston was training his troop. Then a lady came and said that Santa Anna is coming. Juan Seguin was a Tejano and was the manager and was a soldier of the Battle of the San Jacinto, Sam Houston was the leader of the Battle of the San Jacinto and so was Sidney Sherman.

The effects of the Texas Revolution

Texas won the battle and Texas became its own country called the republic of Texas. Then Texas became part of the United States and Mexico wanted Texas back. Then Mexico and Texas went back into war.