Mrs. Phillips' Super Learners

September 11, 2015

Thank You!!!

Thank you to all who purchased the major saver cards to support Delaware Elementary!!! Your purchase will help Delaware purchase things that are needed to benefit the students who attend our school.

Words Their Way

Please be sure that your child is practicing their spelling and correct sort each night throughout the week. I have noticed that there are many who did not have any signatures yesterday for the three days of practice. Starting next week, if the form is not signed for each night, students will lose their homework points for that night.

Tests over the weekly words are given on Fridays.

Math News

Our second chapter in math is quickly coming to a close. Next week we will be adding 4 digits with regrouping, solving word problems that include rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds.

The chapter review will be on Wednesday with the test on Thursday. You will see a study guide coming home on Wednesday night for you to review with your child. When you have finished studying, please sign the top of the study guide and return it to school on Thursday. Students who receive less than an 80% will review again on Friday and retest. Those who mastered the concepts will be doing enrichment activities over the same skills and those upcoming in the next chapter which is over subtracting. Thank you in advance for working with your child at home!

Health unit-Developing a positive character

We are into the new chapter on developing positive character traits and a positive way to manage difficult situations. At the end of the unit, students will be creating their second project based learning activity over what they have learned and can apply to someone new coming into our classroom. The project will be a brochure so they will not need any additional supplies. I am excited to see the benefits that this chapter can bring to our students and the classroom environment.


Students are working very hard to earn DOJO points for their attendance!! Please be aware that if your child comes in tardy or leaves early (other than for doctor appointments) that your child does not earn their DOJO for that day. Students at the end of the quarter who have not been tardy/early dismissal receive a special surprise!!!


This is a copy of our scheduled specials each day.

Monday: PE and Music, book check out (PLEASE wear tennis shoes!) *Return books

Tuesday-Library and Music

Wednesday-PE (PLEASE wear tennis shoes!)



Lunch is from 12:00-12:30

Upcoming Events

STUCCO Spirit Day- Friday, September 18

Open House-Thursday, September 24

HATS Day on Friday, October 2 (.$.50 to wear your hat all day!! )

End of 1st quarter-Friday, October 9

Have a wonderful weekend!

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