Where is Middle Earth?

Himalayan Mountains

Background Information

These mountains extend through the countries of India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and Nepal. The terrain of this area is full of river gorges, jagged mountain sides, alpine glaciers, extreme climate changes (throughout the different elevational belts or zones), and high rise mountains. The scenes are quite breathtaking. Over 40 different languages are spoken in this area. Buddhism, Hinduism, Gompas, Islam, and Christianity are examples of the religions that may be practiced here. Art and festivals are some of the celebrations and festive activities that take place in this terrain.

My Middle Earth

The Himalayan mountains reminds me of a brother or sister to the Hobbit's Middle Earth. If you were to compare a photo of each of them they would seem quite like one another. They both have rolling hills, mountains, valleys, cliffs, rivers, and caves. Both of these landscapes a full of a variety of legends, secrets, strange beings, and cultures of all sorts. Each bring a melting pot of so many things!


Why, it's the truth!

Now, you may be thinking well the Himalayan Mountains don't seem to be the best fit for the resemblance to Middle Earth. By the end of this you may just change your mind. To begin, the land in both areas have the same physical features. Both places cover a vast amount of land too. As I mentioned above rolling hills, mountains, valleys, (etc.) Each may be different, but what other place on this Earth shares such a close resemblance with Middle Earth? None, that's right!

Twin Middle Earth?

Wait, I didn't know that Middle Earth had a twin! LOL. The Himalayan Mountains may not be related to Middle Earth, but they sure are similar. There landscapes, structure, people, and culture all seem to form the same puzzle. For there may be a few differences here and there, but one thing is for sure --- both places would/are one and a lifetime experiences! Maybe one day you can visit the HImalayan Mts. and where they filmed the movie the Hobbit!
Himalayan Mountains Documentary: History of this Beautiful Mountain Range, Nature Documentary.