Impact of the printing press

By: Dayanara Bero

in the article ''The printing press and its 'impact' on literacy''Before the printing press people would have to make books by hand. The idea of the printing press was conceived in china and Korea but the first printing press was created by a German Metalworker named Johann Gutenberg in 1452. By creating the printing press the price of books went down making more people want to buy. The translation of book's from Latin to English made the books easier to read. The printing press is said to have made the European culture more literate.

In ''The impact of the movable type printing press'', the set of maps show the spread of the movable printing press throughout the 15th century. In 1450 there is one printing press and, they grow throughout the century. Europe gains more printing presses as the demand for affordable books increases.

The printing press!

In ''The diffusion of Columbus's letter through Europe,1493-1497'', it talks about the spread of Columbus's letter. The article talks about how the letter was spread to Spain,Italy,and France. 11 editions of the letter were copied in1493.

In the map titled the ''Geographical diffusion of Columbus's first letter,'' it shows the cities with one to four editions of Columbus's voyage letter. The maps


how it was sent from Lisbon on March 14 ,


and sent to the Spanish court in Barcelona Spain. From then on the letter was sent to many other cities to be published.

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