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As we have continued to integrate mobile technology into our lives, the reality of having daily digital access to live events on the go, have only come into play recently.

Touchscreen phones have scaled up to a level where most people now have them. So we are all very much aware of how collectively "plugged-in" we have become to the now very well known and ever present social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

And for the most part it is still in this text-based arena where mass participation has really established itself. If you want to communicate in real time you post a comment and perhaps a picture.

Until just recently though, mobile users have not had access to the bandwidth necessary to make social live audio media (live audio sharing) possible or even practical.

But this appears to be changing as we are now starting to witness some new tools emerge that allow mobile users to broadcast or listen in on live audio going on in the world around them.

Here are three contenders that each go about the business of sharing live audio in their own unique way…

Spreaker Radio

This app endeavors to create the traditional tools for radio broadcasting where the content creator can really put together a finished show (including sound effects and transitions).

I love the design and workflow of this app as it encourages the self-styled broadcaster to put together a semi-professional audio program that potentially can serve as a real alternative to traditional radio whether you're commenting on sports, live news events or even social commentary among your own circle of friends!

Spreaker also offers great social network integration and even offers the opportunity to submit your show for inclusion in iHeartRadio Talk’s official library. If you see yourself as a traditional broadcaster/podcaster definitely give them a try.


Mixlr lends itself more to music creators, although it would be interesting to see their userbase expand to other types of audio content as well.

The design is intended to make live broadcasting easy as the user can be on air just seconds after setup to engage with potential listeners.

Similar to Spreaker, broadcasts can also be saved after creation and in real time.

But what I really like about this app is that it supports live chat with your listenership.

This tool really takes things to another level where you can get immediate feedback and respond in kind to give your people what they want.

If you are a Listener, Mixlr also lets you see what your friends are listening to so that you can join in on their experience!


Yes! We are the newcomer but are pleased to be offering an app that is a bit untraditional, offering live audio access and broadcasting capability from a completely different angle.

Like Mixlr, MappStream will have you broadcasting live in just seconds but we could also be likened to Snapchat in that nothing is saved. The live audio you create goes out into the world where it can be heard by folks who are tuning in and then it’s gone.

What’s also different is that we decided to implement a map-based user interface instead of the normal search listing functionality to more visually put you in touch with listeners who are there around you just miles or maybe even a few blocks away!

We call it “Map Based Local Audio” and so far as we can tell the idea is totally new!

And we understand it may take a while to catch on which is why we will soon be implementing our new Earthview function! Earthview will allow a listener to easily and quickly scan the entire globe for live local audio content. With this new tool you could come across literally anything; a concert in the park in Chicago, a political rally in Kiev, or a live report from a friends vacation abroad!

And your own live audio content could be heard by anyone anywhere in the world!

We encourage you to try MappStream out for yourselves. Once downloaded, click the Broadcast button next time something is happening of interest in your life, your neighborhood, on the bus or on your way into the office!

For listeners out there, we invite you to simply check in! Click the Search button, then the little blue earth icon (coming soon) and check out your map for what’s streaming live around the world.

While you're at it you’ll also notice the tools are there for finding live audio just down the street as well!

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