Small Pox and Native Americans

How Small Pox Caused the Native American Population to Drop

What is Small Pox?




  1. an acute contagious viral disease, with fever and pustules usually leaving permanent scars. It was effectively eradicated through vaccination by

What was the Native Americans Population before Small Pox hit?

The Native Americans population before Europeans came was over 12 million. Once the Europeans came to the Americas they brought something with them that would effect every Native American Tribe. They were diseases that the Native Americans were not used to and not immune or prepared to be attacked by the deadly disease. One of the most deadly diseases was Small Pox. Once Small Pox hit the Native American population went from over 12 million to just about 235,000
Smallpox Will Kill You

How Do You Get Small Pox and How it was spread

You can get Smallpox by direct contact with someone who is infected by infected bodily fluids or bedding or clothing that has the virus on it. You can get it with the virus is the air and you are breathing it in. On rare occasions smallpox was spread by being carried in the air in enclosed places like buildings, buses, and train

You can spread Smallpox by contact with an infected person. Usually it is when you have long face-to-face contact with the infected person to spread smallpox. Another way to spread smallpox is by direct contact with infected body fluids or contaminated objects.

When Was The Biggest Outbreak of Small Box

Native Americans had the biggest lost when it came to people dying from the epidemic. Native Americans immune systems were not ready for the disease and they had never seen anything like it or how to cure it. Native Americans lost about 11.5 million people total. That is more than three-times the population of Iowa. This all happened within a year or two
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How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi

Symptoms Of Small Pox

Symptoms of small box usually appear 7 to 17 days after being infected. With the first few days (or weeks) you will feel and look fine and healthy and cannot infect anyone else. Some of the symptoms are like the flu so you must be careful. You may experience

  • Fever
  • Discomfort all over
  • Headache
  • Severe Tiredness
  • Back Pain
  • Vomiting

A few days after you start showing symptoms you will get flat red spots on you face, hands, and forearms, later on will will see them on your butt. A few days later they will turn into small blisters and the liquid in the puss turns into puss, afterthat scabs form and fall off leaving deep scars

Steps To Prevent Small Pox

One of the most effective ways to prevent smallpox is the smallpox vaccination. If you get the vaccination before exposed it will protect you. If you get it three days after exposure it can still prevent the severity of smallpox for most people.

People who have/had smallpox should be kept in isolation so the people have not been effected can stay healthy.

What are the Treatments?

There is no actual cure for smallpox but if you have smallpox you should keep yourself isolated from the uninfected until all of the scabs have fallen off which usually takes 3-4 weeks that way you cannot spread the disease. You must avoid dehydration and maintain eating nutritious foods. Medications will be to you to help for fever and pain. You will recieve a smallpox vaccination to help prevent some of the symptoms or lessen them.

What has happened to Small Pox?

Smallpox was once one of the most feared diseases on the planet it killed millions of people, including most of the Native Americans. Thankfully die to the smallpox vaccination there hasn’t been a smallpox case since 1979 which is over 36 years. People say smallpox is one of the only diseases we have been able to demolish. From the 18th century to the 20th century smallpox terrified millions of people from all over the world. Only two labs keep smallpox alive because of could be an ideal weapon for bioterrorists. In 2002 President George W. Bush declared that we have enough of the vaccine to protect a whole country. If smallpox was ever to reappear scientists say they know how to stop it the only concern is the social chaos of people getting vaccines.
The Deadly Smallpox Virus - Smallpox Documentary - History Videos

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