Middle Childhood Health Concerns


  • well developed
  • midrange sound develops before high-range
  • by 11, auditory awareness of an adult
  • ear infection can be a problem
  • change in position of eustachian tube helps prevent infection
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  • children begin loosing baby teeth
  • by 12, permanent teeth are in
  • facial bones grow
  • tooth loss can have psychological effect
  • tooth decay is a common problem
  • parents should promote good dental health


  • bye age six, child can read
  • ability to focus improves
  • most children are farsighted
  • nearsightedness is the most common vision problem
  • corrective lenses can be helpful
  • 25% of children will need their vision corrected


  • common, characterized by excessive bodily fat
  • if 20% more than weight of personal categories
  • can seriously impact emotional health
  • can be inherited or due to stress
  • may children obese due to inactivity
  • can cause health problems
  • parents and child must work together to overcome