Not only can this be used to poison people but with heated air, sounds a bit lame wait and out comes blue flame!

Users all around have said: "wow!! blue flame! that is so un natural, what are they going to make next? blue human beings??

What else can it possibly do??

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Now for sale at $320 per 100 grams

Additional information about Arsenic that was found in high levels at a lake!

"The finding clears up a lingering question sparked by a controversial study1, published in Science in 2010, which claimed that the GFAJ-1 microbe could thrive in the high-arsenic conditions of Mono Lake in California without metabolizing phosphorus — an element that is essential for all forms of life."

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WARNING: If used irresponsibly you or anyone may result in painful death, please use with caution, handle with care.

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