The Desert

By: Haritha Srikanth

Map of the Deserts of the World

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Global Warming

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What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is the gradual rise of Earth's temperature. It is one of the biggest threats that affects almost every area on the Earth. It is very serious and if no action is taken against it, it could make life for everyone and everything on Earth a lot harder.

How is Global Warming Affecting the Desert?

Global Warming is the desert's biggest threat. It is creating many problems including drought. As the temperature increases, the water holes and soil in the desert start to dry out. As a result of drought, most plants and living things are not able to survive in the desert.

What Causes Global Warming and What Is Being Done to Prevent It?

Global Warming is caused by something known as the "Greenhouse Effect". The Greenhouse Effect is when the atmosphere traps heat moving from Earth to Space on the Earth.This causes the heat to be stuck on the Earth. The main action that is being done to prevent against Global Warming is reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned.
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Desert Climate

  • Yearly Average Temperature of the Desert= 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Amount of precipitation per year= less than 50 cm
  • Also, depending on which desert you are talking about, the temperature could either be hot or cold.

Areas With A Hot Desert Climate

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Areas With A Cold Desert Climate

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Desert Animals

Desert Plants