Death Of Coral Reefs

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1. As more carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, it also has adverse effects on the oceans. Recently, ocean acidification has emerged as another potentially serious threat to coral reefs.

2. . Seawater absorbs some of the excess CO2 from the atmosphere, causing the oceans to become more acidic. As a result, the oceans’ acidity has increased by 25 percent over the past 200 years.

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Coral reefs have been dying off at alarming rates because of modern human activity, and conservationists struggle to preserve them. Now scientists have found such efforts have a long history. By the beginning of the 15th century, native Hawaiian islanders were engaging in sustainable practices to preserve their reefs — ushering in 400 years of recovery.

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Along with ivory and conflict diamonds, the jewelry aficionado now has another exploited treasure from which to refrain: sea coral, which is finding itself under attack worldwide. In 2007, Sea Web, an ocean conservation nonprofit based in Maryland, teamed up with the Tiffany & Co.

What are the negative effects on the coral reefs

Disasters such as storms and earthquakes occur naturally and periodically and devastate large areas of reefs. These natural events are more severe if reef communities are already weakened by other impacts and recovery is inhibited by algal overgrowth due to the lack of grazing organisms, removed by fishing.

What wildlife is most affected by a coral reef

Coral reefs are colorful underwater forests which teem with life and act as a natural protective barrier for coastal regions. The fishes and plants which call them home belong to some of the most diverse--and fragile--ecosystems on the planet.

What are the main religions or areas or religions most affected by the coral reef

Florida is the only state in the continental United States to have extensive shallow coral reef formations near its coasts. Coral reefs create specialized habitats that provide shelter, food and breeding sites for numerous plants and animals, including spiny lobster, snapper and other commercial and recreational species.

Does the coral reef affect our league city lives

No it does not affect our league city life. We don't have problems with the coral reefs. And yes it could reach our area.