Kids Need Sports

Nathan Panzer 5W

Donate: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Whiffle Ball.

I decided to help the Boys and Girls Club of West Philadelphia

I always get to play sports. I wanted other kids that do not have the opportunity to play sports to have a chance. The benefits of playing sports are:

  1. They are fun
  2. You get to exercise
  3. You get to play wit your friends
  4. You learn to work hard
  5. It makes you feel good about yourself

Action I have taken:

1. I have worked to earn money

2. With the money I earned, I bought some sports equipment at Dicks Sporting Goods

3. I went online and filled out a form to request sports equipment to be donated from Dicks Sporting Goods to The Boys and Girls Club of America in West Philadelphia.

4. I have delivered the sports equipment to the Boys and Girls Club of America in West Philadelphia

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