Grade 7 Basketball Team

By:Harneet atwal #1 7P

Our star player

Our star player is Gurveer. She just doesn't improve herself but helps the people around her with giving tips on how to do layups better. If you were to be on her team you would feel good practicing and playing a game even if your team loses, beacause you know that you and your team did the best you could possibility could because Gurveer was there to cheer you on and tell you what to do by yelling it from the stands even if it rips the eardrums from people around her.
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Basketball Games

Like I said our star player is always giving us tips in a game on how to do better and to try our best. We had four games so far. We lost three against Chief Dan George, Fraser, and Abby Middle. We won against Eugene Riemer, WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
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