Nature Spoils Us Team Newsletter

February 9, 2016

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10% Off Discount on Premium Starter Kit in February

There has never been a better time to share Young Living with family and friends! The Premium Starter Kit is 10% off in the month of February. With 10% off the kit is around $144 plus tax and shipping. That gives them the oils and diffuser for a great price.

Want to share but not sure how to get started?

1. Share from your heart. Share what you love about the oils.

2. Go to and get your short-link. Your short link takes them directly to your sign-up


3. Give them your member number just in case they need it during enrollment. You

do want to follow up to make sure the sign-up shows up in your virtual office.

4. Message or call me if you have any problems or questions, 270-784-8737. I am here

to help.

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Different Starter Kit Options

These are the different starter kit options for the Love It! Share It! promotion period.
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February Oils Promo

The monthly promotion allows you the opportunity to spend a little, to get a little. You can take advantage of this promotion once or twice! Once with your Essential Rewards (ER) order and twice by placing an ER order and Quick Order. On the Quick Order you will not receive the ER promotions, as you can only receive the ER promos on an ER order, and only one time per month. If you have questions about that, I am happy to answer your questions. Not on Essential Rewards? I will include some information and a video. Have more questions? We are here to help.
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Essential Rewards (ER) Program

Essential Rewards (ER) is an opt in monthly shipment program. You can cancel at any time. You earn points to trade in for free product. It's similar to Kohls cash. The longer you are enrolled in ER, the higher the percentage you earn back each month. You can switch out your order each month. The minimum amount each month is $50.
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Example of ER Orders

Shared with permission. This graphic shows examples of items you can get to replace your kit items and add to your oil collection. Though the minimum monthly order is $50 for ER, you can spend as much as you want. If you want the monthly promos, then you will need to spend the dollar amount required for those items.
Why and How to Sign up for Essential Rewards With Young Living
How to Enroll in Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards Explained

One video does show the old virtual office, but she does a great job of explaining Essential Rewards. The second video shows the new virtual office.
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Get Your Kit or Oils Paid For

Remember that you can earn bonus checks for each person who purchases a starter kit. You must spend $50 the month of the enrollment, but you get that $50 back in a bonus check.
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The Business Opportunity

Young Living offers a generous compensation plan. Did you know that only 8% of those who purchase a premium starter kit pursue the business side of Young Living? Every household needs Young Living essential oils. I am available to help you teach classes. Sharing is caring!! Their truly is a difference in Young Living essentials! It's all about the chemistry. I just attended 6 hours of chemistry classes and I will be writing more about this in future newsletters. I also post online class opportunities on the Nature Spoils Us team page. Invite family and friends to those classes. Online classes are a great way to share with people.

I am also available to sit down with you one-on-one, or by telephone to offer feedback or to answer questions as you start your business. The book called The Four Year Career (Young Living addition) is a great book to read.

The Four Year Career

Link to The Four Year Career book purchase

The Highest Quality Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Spotlight on Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is one of the promotion oils this month, if you buy 300 PV. Seed to Seal makes a difference! Ylang Ylang is great for supporting the cardiovascular system. You can apply over the heart and the heart VitaFlex points.

Contact Me

Hello! My name is Angela Madison, and I am your up-line support with Young Living. You can find me sharing information in several locations. Our team does have a private Facebook page called Nature Spoils Us (Team Page). Your sponsor can add you to the page, if you are not currently a member. There is also a public Facebook page called Nature Spoils Us.