Flute Recital

Livia Karnik

All about Me

My name is Livia Karnik. This my first year playing the flute. I'm in the 6th grade. I am 12 years old and like to play songs that we hear today on the radio, on my flute. I am a part of the F-M Acro Team. It travels nation wide preforming for basketball halftime.

Flute Recital

Monday, May 2nd, 9pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

Come watch me preform the song Menuett!

Johann Philipp Kirnberger

Johann Philipp Kirnberger was born in Saalfeld, Germany on the 24th of April of 1721. He moved to Leipzig to study with the master. He later became a violinist in 1751in the employ of Frederick the Great. He was taught by Johann Sebastian Bach. He moved to Poland and collected national Polish dances and compiled them and made Die Charaktere der Taenze. He was a very famous musician with lots of great work.

Why I Found This Song Interesting

I liked this song because it had lots of slurs in it which made it sound super pretty and elegant. I also loved the slurs and then the eighth notes after. It made it sound super cool. This song was very challenging for me at first but then later got the hang of it. Once I knew how to play it , it sounded so fun and cool. I can't wait to play it.


Allergo- at a brisk tempo

mf- moderately loud

'- breath mark

p- quiet

f- loud

What I Enjoyed

I enjoyed this project because it's something that I have never done before. I found it fun getting to make a brochure on a song/composer/myself. It was cool getting to have a song a play it, even when I didn't know anything about the song until a few weeks ago. Playing the flute is very fun and exciting when you get to play songs you love to play like Menuett.