The Absolute Value Function 12000

Only $1,000.00

Do you need to do stuff, but don't have the right stuff to work on that thing that you don't really need to do or get?

Well, I have the right product for you. The Absolute Value Function 12000 is perfect for people on the go, it have many uses. The universe is the limit with The Absolute Value Function 12000 in your possession.
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Only $1,000.00, that is so cheap, a cat can buy it.

The uses are endless

It can be used for a back scratcher, a boomerang, a slingshot, an umbrella, a chair, and the possible are to infinity.

Just remember that the Absolute Value Function 12000 has a domain of ( negative infinity, positive infinity), a range of [0, positive infinity), and it has an X-intercept at (0,0). It is an even function, with symmetry to the Y-axis, and it have a minimum value. The function has an increasing interval on (0, positive infinity) and decreasing interval ( negative infinity, 0).

Absolute Value Function 12000 will the best thing you ever bought.


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