The Steps For Divison

  1. Get a whole number and a divisor.
  2. Make a home for the number.
  3. Put the whole in the home and put the divisor out side the home on the left.( if there is a decimal put a decimal above house were the decimal in the house is)
  4. Divide the first number.(if the divisor is bigger then the first number of the whole then if there is a second number in the whole divide both of the numbers)
  5. when you divide and get the closest number to the numbers in the whole that you are dividing.
  6. Put the number of how many times it took you to get to the closest number you are dividing on top of the home.
  7. Repeat 4,5,and 6 until there are no numbers to divide. ( if there is a remainder and you don't wont to keep it put a decimal if there is no decimal at the end of the whole then add zeros and keep dividing. some times you can not get rid of it.)
  8. When you followed all the steps you are done.